Dido & Aeneas Update!

Research and development successfully completed! Read below for the full story!

Our new show working title: Dido and Aeneas; an adaptation of Virgil’s tragic story from The Aeneid that fuses dance, theatre, and a soundtrack that combines Purcell’s original music with a new electric, industrial soundscape.

The first stage of which was a two week Research and Development period, which took place in September 2015, which included active engagement and participation with Redbridge community youth, which culminated in a public and industry showcase at The Deptford Lounge.

Via a contemporary retelling of this ancient story, we explored cultural intolerance in the 21st century: the conflict between old morals and current attitudes.

Set within a period of industrial change, we experimented with object manipulation, using raw materials to create a visually dynamic performance space and an arresting soundscape.

In association with The Redbridge Drama Centre, and Greenwich Theatre, the aim was to produce the basis for a piece that not only is artistically great but also benefits the communities that we work in.

We held a public and industry sharing where 45 minutes of workshop material was performed by a cast of four alongside members of Redbridge Youth Theatre Workshop. followed by a Q and A session, and a few glasses of prosecco.

Having had a couple of superb meetings with industry, we are delighted to say we achieved our aims and are now in the process of putting together a package to be sent out with a view to touring in Autumn 2016.

Watch this space!

Dido & Aeneas: Research & Development Casting Breakdown Released!

NMT Automatics is seeking four actors/dancers (2 male, 2 female) for our forthcoming two week Research & Development period on our next project: Dido & Aeneas. A theatre-dance adaptation of Virgil’s tragic story from The Aeneid, underscored by a fusion of Purcell’s music and an electric, industrial soundscape.

The culmination of which will be a free public and industry sharing on Saturday 12th September.

In association with The Redbridge Drama Centre, Greenwich Theatre and Deptford Lounge, workshop material will be performed by a cast of four alongside members of two youth groups – who we will work with to generate material during the research period, thus rooting the piece in its community.

NMT Automatics’ contemporary, dynamic retelling of this ancient story explores conflicts between old morals and current attitudes, creating haunting resonances with cultural intolerance in the 21st century.

The R & D will take place from Tuesday the 1st of September everyday until the sharing on the 12th.

Audition Date: Thursday 27th August

1st– 4th Redbridge Drama Centre 10 – 6

Also Wed 2nd workshop at The Rebridge Drama Centre with RYTW 7.30 – 9.30pm

5th-6th Greenwich Theatre 10 – 6

7th-11th Deptford Lounge 4.30 – 9.30pm

12th Deptford Lounge 12.30 – 4.30pm Inc. Sharing at 3pm

Expenses fee only of £100 each.

Actors/actresses 20-35 Who are both excellent actors and great movers who can pick up choreography quickly. All ethnicities welcome to apply.

Please email nmtautomatics@outlook.com with your Spotlight CV.