Tempus Fugit: Troy & Us

The doorbell rings. A radio crackles. Ancient and modern conflicts collide, as the wife of a soldier fighting in Afghanistan is plunged into visions of the Trojan War. Inspired by Andromache and her warrior husband Hector, Bea discovers how tales from antiquity can shed light on her present and hold the key to her future.

Imbued with text from Homer’s Iliad, alongside modern interviews with 21st-century military personnel and their partners, this critically acclaimed production explores the love, joy and grief of a couple grappling with the shadows of war.

For this production NMT Automatics, have brought together a special team of creatives that have worked with some of the most internationally renowned contemporary theatre companies including 1927, Gecko Theatre, Theatre Re, Barefaced Greek and Les Enfants Terribles

First seen at The British Museum’s ‘Troy’ Exhibition in 2020, ‘Troy and Us’ has been extensively developed with The Centre for the Public Understanding of Greek & Roman Drama (St Andrews University), and Alice König & Nicolas Wiater’s Visualising War Project.
‘Troy and Us’ is supported by Arts Council England, The Classical Association, Army and the Arts, Trestle Theatre Company, & The Redbridge Drama Centre.

Suitable for audiences 12 +

“Hard hitting, deeply moving, almost haunting, entirely compelling … a must-see piece of theatre whose relevance will never fade,” ★★★★★ Theatre Weekly

“Truly an enactment of the phrase ‘Theatre of War’.” ★★★★ LondonTheatre1

“An original imaginative production with moving performances” ★★★★ Broadway Baby

‘Three-to-see’ recommendation in ThreeWeeks

“A masterclass in text-based realism… physical storytelling and mask work” PocketsizedTheatre

Stunning mask work and physical storytelling, this production is profoundly authentic. ‘Best of the FringeThe Edinburgh Reporter 

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Cast list

Genevieve Dunne

Noah Young

With voiceovers from:
Konstantinos Kavakiotis & Nasia Papadopoulou

Creative list

Andres Velasquez

Máirín O’Hagan

Jennie Dunne

Jonathan Young

Lighting Designer
Josephine Tremelling

Set & Co-Sound Design
Nathan Johnson

Co-Sound Design
Chris Prosho