Wish You Were Here: a site-responsive piece about the disintegration of societal values within the midst of war, first performed at the international visual art exhibition TransitStation in Berlin and then at The New Diorama, London.

“Nomanstime Automatics were in the perfect setting, fully utilising the physical set-up and the concept of TransitStation with an agitprop piece that explored Pinteresque social dynamics in physical form” Rose Strang, Totalkunst

Are We So: an educational project experimenting with automatic writing and improvised movement. Performed in multiple rooms through which the audience was invited to pass, explore and promenade as if in a gallery.

In Between Nothing: A devised piece asking the question “Would humans listen to their gods, if they told them to stop fighting?” In Between Nothing was based upon a selection of existing myths and legends with the aim of celebrating cultural and religious differences in order to bring disparate members of the audience closer together in an understanding of each other and where they come from.

Wish You Were Here
TransitStation Berlin and London