Pandora D Image NMTA

An eerie forest, an abandoned palace and a strange old lady who holds the keys to the universe; if you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise…

In association with The Redbridge Drama Centre and Greenwich Theatre, NMT Automatics presents Pandora’s Box.

Spellbinding new writing fused with urban-lyrical dance routines, set to an electric soundscape inspired by world music, Pandora’s Box is a mythological play performed by a diverse cast of professional actors and a chorus of local young people and community members.

Like the sublime stories, majestic narratives and mystical worlds of Neil Gaiman, Ursula K. Le Guin and Phillip Pullman, this is a timeless tale that appeals to all ages.

It is an epic origin tale of how the world came to be filled with good and evil; a story of friendship, courage and sacrifice exploring how it was that a society transformed a gift into a curse. The box has been opened but who is responsible?

Using animal physicality, object manipulation and projected time-lapsed illustrations to create a magical backdrop, NMTA invite you to experience an alternative reality where beasts speak, chaos ravages the earth, and a man’s lust for power threatens the survival of humanity.

Pandora’s Box is an imaginative retelling of an ancient story, which has underpinned perceptions of women throughout the ages and finds relevance in the current political climate and distortion of truths that can lead to discrimination, intolerance and xenophobia.

Suitable for 7 +

We will be doing research & development in October and are currently booking tour dates for  Spring 2018…

Produced and Adapted by Jonathan Young
Directed by Keith Homer
Dramaturgy by Michael Woodwood
Choreographed by Jennie Dunne
Original Music by David Hermann
Set design by Rion Willard
Illustration by Rachel Bone