The Orpheus Project

The dreams of a musician are shattered. Lovers search for redemption. A chance encounter. An impossible situation. A systematic nightmare. The fight against the machine has begun…

The Orpheus Project, a NoMansTime Automatics production, is a new play set in a city state run by the Corporation. This is an emotionally charged story of corruption, deceit and brutality as two lovers and an ‘everyman’ get caught up in a search for redemption and fight the political machine, raising the question of how much even the deepest love can endure? Inspired by the mythology of Orpheus and Kafka’s The Trial, this dynamic, dark and often satirical work uses original soundscapes, music, elements of noir and expressionism, multimedia and movement to create a world where paranoia is common currency.

It played at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014 and was then selected for The So & So On Festival in London last November.

“Both actors are outstanding. This is a kill shot. A gripping, bold and exciting new work.”
Broadway Baby: Five Stars

“Impressive spontaneity. A visual statement.”
The Stage: Four Stars

“the visuals and the story are brilliantly done and creates a lasting impression.”
The Skinny: Four Stars

“Dynamic, satiric and comedic. It is this sort of storytelling that should be encouraged in the arts…” Remotegoat 

 “Thought provoking… memorable and well executed.”  Weekend Notes

“a frightening, fragmentary experience for its residents and an exceptionally engaging piece of theatre for its audience” Publicreviews

Creative Team:

Written by Jonathan Young & David Hermann

Music by Jonathan Young & David Hermann

Director: Jonathan Young

Assistant Director: Bogdan Silhagi

Performers: Noah Young & Genevieve Dunne

Dramaturg: Bernie C. Byrnes