Community participant model

‘Taking part in your amazing production probably rates amongst the top twenty events to have occurred in my life and as I am 69 that is really saying something!!!’
Annette Riddle, Greenwich Theatre participant

Our plays are performed by four professional actors with a ‘Greek Chorus’ made up of community participants.

We hold free workshops, whereby participants are given lines, taught choreography, and help devise key elements of the show and afterwards are given the opportunity to perform alongside professionals as part of the ensemble making each venue’s show unique. Participants are 11 + with a maximum of 12 per chorus. On Pandora’s Box we worked with an age range of 9 to 96!

The workshops normally take the form of 2 four hour sessions and 1 two hour pre-performance, though this is adaptable depending upon the venue’s needs.

By working in such a way, we believe we broaden participants horizons and inspire them to reflect upon the relevance of these ancient myths in society today and thereby, affect change in their lives.

We can either work with in-house groups or there is an open call out to community members via both ourselves to local schools, dance/drama/community groups, social media and press and the venue.

‘Thank you so much for helping us excel in our drama & confidence. We have thoroughly enjoyed this amazing experience!’ Participants, Louth

‘I think this (inter-cultural understanding) is really important, especially the situation in America where the nation is divided… so many people can relate to it’ Tyrone (18) Portsmouth

‘Rumour in today’s society is very much social media… it just blew my mind!’ Alice (17) Colchester

‘A fantastic show, please don’t stop coming to places like Louth. It has made a really big difference to 4 students in a small rural town. It’s opened their eyes.‘ Leanne, Louth participants teacher

‘The integration of contemporary and classical, in the choreography and the music alike, will ensure a wide appeal for this production, and the classical roots will appeal to upper level educational groups. We would certainly be interested in using the production to support our own education and outreach activities, with the workshops and community participation forming a strong part of the project’s appeal.’ James Haddrell (Artistic Director of Greenwich Theatre)

‘I have to commend NMT Automatics’ decision to include participants from workshops in the show. This risky decision paid off as the participants which made up the Greek Chorus were just as professional as the company of actors.’  Francessca Charlemagne, Everything Theatre review 


Redbridge Central Library, Ilford

New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth

Redbridge Drama Centre, South Woodford

Headgate Theatre, Colchester

Greenwich Theatre, Greenwich

Riverhead Theatre, Louth