Research and Development

With support from The Redbridge Drama Centre and Greenwich Theatre, Dido & Aeneas: Remixed had a 2 week R & D period in September 2015, culminating in a showing at The Deptford Lounge.  

As well as a cast of four professional actors it featured members of Redbridge Youth Theatre Workshop as participants.

Research & Development Feedback:

“Text is brilliant, and choreography stunning.”
Bernie C Byrnes (Creative Learning manager at Theatre Royal Portsmouth)

“I thought it was wonderful. Perfect for an international audience.”
Marjorie Lovegrove (International Theatre Exchange)

“Exciting, poignant and beautiful!”
Holly Aston (Assistant producer at the Donmar Warehouse)

“Phenomenal, the storytelling was very clear, continually imaginative and impressive!”
Ian Noble (RYTW youth leader)

“The integration of contemporary and classical, in the choreography and the music alike, will ensure a wide appeal for this production, and the classical roots will appeal to upper level educational groups. We would certainly be interested in using the production to support our own education and outreach activities, with the workshops and community participation forming a strong part of the project’s appeal.”
James Haddrell (Artistic Director of Greenwich Theatre)

“Hugely impressed, music works really well, very well done, great concept 4 actors working with youths. Giving them an opportunity to showcase with you is a great idea. I really enjoyed it!”
Keith Homer (Artistic Director of The Redbridge Drama Centre)

“A timely reinterpretation of this text. The show is great for GCSE and A level drama students as it seamlessly and meaningfully combines text music and movement, together with great skill, commitment and focus displayed by the performers.”
Jonny Siddall (Drama Officer of The Redbridge Drama Centre)

Research and Development Cast:

Billie Vee

Billie Vee

Noah Young


Amelia Vernede

Amelia Vernede

Kamari Romeo

Kamari Romeo

David Hermann, Windhouse Compositions – Shipwreck sample


Research & Development Photos by Judie Waldmann:

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