4 Stars from The Skinny!

4 STARS in The Skinny

NoMansTime Automatics brings a stylish performance to Edinburgh Fringe with Working Title: The Orpheus Project, which is set in a dystopian world where two very different lives become interlinked as both descend into chaos.

Noah Young plays Johnny O, one half of the explosive couple whose love is intense and flawed, as well as playing Kasper J, the straight-laced everyman who finds his world turned upside down after a vicious attack on himself and his home. Young is compelling as both characters and there is a clear divide between the two personalities meaning even without the quick costume changes it would be possible to identify which one he is playing.

Genevieve Dunne plays the other half of the explosive couple who has an elicit affair with Kasper J. Dunne has a natural seductive quality, which works well for her part as temptress, however she also portrays a certain vulnerability making her likeable and genuine.

Sound and light are used well to distinguish different parts of the narrative with music ranging from synth to Glenn Miller to really set the scenes. The props used are mainly empty clothes rails which are moved around to create different scenes or placed in a certain way to represent objects, this is done in such a way as to still create appealing visuals for the audience.

The story is engaging but the underlying influences of The Trial by Franz Kafka and the greek mythology of Orpheus seem to have been slightly lost. This does not impact on the overall performance, however: the visuals and the story are brilliantly done and creates a lasting impression.

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