First Edinburgh Review in: 4 Stars in The Stage!


Now a totalitarian city state, London is riven between the controlling Corporation and the opposition Union. A classic case of dystopian future therefore, where the opposing political loyalties of celebrity couple Jonny O and Eliyah strains their relationship.

Things hit breaking point when Jonny’s father, a Union leader, is unexpectedly murdered by agents of the Corporation. When innocent worker Kasper J then becomes embroiled, the doomed couple descend into dark political depths as society turns in on itself in this mash-up of Orpheus in the Underworld and Kafka’s The Trial.

As the story unfolds, Noah Young and Genevieve Dunne seamlessly assume a gallery of characters, the action enhanced by projections, moody lighting and a driving soundtrack. It is a testament to the duo’s skills pool that they fuse very disparate ends of physical and verbal theatre into a focused work that works equally as a play and as a visual statement.

This promising seedbed has been created by Jonathan Young and David Hermann who, in originating both script and music (Young also directs), have set up parameters for a production where much of the movement is semi-improvised, with the performers also triggering the music and sound loops as they go along. While this is not always apparent, this approach allows for an impressive spontaneity otherwise not possible within such a tightly crafted production.

By: Nick Awde

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