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Sample of Greenwich Theatre and Greenwich Tall ships Feedback sheets

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‘Everything I enjoy about the show. I want to know more about this epic!’
Srijeeta Sinharay  (35-45)

Nadia 26-35 most enjoyed, ‘the drama, music and tension’ while her 10 year old. Enjoyed ‘ the dance and movement’

What attracted me to the piece was, ‘The costumes and crowd. The expressions of the actors were amazing as well as the gymnastic routines. ‘Would like to see more plays like this more often, maybe even Shakespeare!
Tvona kalaimaran (12-16)

‘I most enjoyed the dance and music. Carry on the good work and thank you very much for a lovely show!
Anon (35-45)

‘It was all good, thank you, so glad I came!’
Carrolle Jamieson (60+)

‘We most enjoyed the performance and the energy and would love to see you more!’
Jojo Thomas (5-10)

‘It was brilliant, I most enjoyed the expressions on their faces and the way they expressed the story!’
Panayioda Georgiou (26-35)

‘The show was brilliant from start to finish. The acting was superb. I especially loved their interpretation of the play.’
David Rayment (46-59)

‘Taking part in your amazing production probably rates amongst the top twenty events to have occurred in my life and as I am 69 that is really saying something!!!’
Annette Riddle, Greenwich Theatre participant

‘We haven’t really experienced acting and dancing with other people before, so this was a really good opportunity and has helped us be more confidant.’
Lilly and Hannah (both 12), Greenwich Theatre participants

‘We would like to thank you so much for helping us excel in our drama and our confidence. We have thoroughly enjoyed being part of this amazing performance and experience!

Liv’s favourite part why how you let us make up our own choreography.

We hope you enjoy the brownies… Maybe you can come back to Louth and get us involved again! Heart’
Riverhead Theatre participants (all 14)

‘Thank you for a fantastic show, they were 4 of a class of 22, they’ve been so enthusiastic, they’ve loved it, thank you for the opportunity, please don’t stop coming to places like Louth, they’ve had a fantastic time, it’s been such a wonderful experience for them. It has made really big difference to 4 students in a small rural town in east Lincolnshire. It’s opened their eyes!

It hits us hard when companies like this can’d afford to come places like this, it becomes a vicious circle as people then aren’t used to attending.’
Leanne, Riverhead Theatre participants teacher

‘Lilly absolutely loved, came back buzzing, wanting to get involved with everything to do with theatre!’
Riverhead Theatre participant, Lilly’s, mother

‘I learned how to put myself as an actor into the whole scenario… It definitely makes you more interested in Greek and Roman myths. Creating a lot of stuff ourselves was a lot of fun, we didn’t expect to do that. To put ourselves in it, to be like I’d like to try that… and then getting feedback helped me feel like I’m gaining confidence in something I’ve never done before.’
Alice (17) Headgate Theatre participant

‘I learnt teamwork skills on another level and especially enjoyed the Sailor dance, that was great fun!’
Lorna (17) Headgate Theatre participant

‘Rumour and the whole theme of how rumour in today’s society is very much social media, and very much how everybody knows everything about like whoever, because it’s all online… And to be able to interpret that into like a Greek myth in that way is just… it just blew my mind! Because people talk now, as they did then and we personified it being a monster.’
Alice and Lorna, Headgate Theatre participants

The workshops have been really good. Working with these props and the actual story itself has been fun and sad at the same time. The only thing I knew about before was the Cyclops so otherwise its all new to me. I loved the pyre bit, it looked awesome!’
Alex (13) New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth participant 

‘It’s been brilliant, I’ve enjoyed every single moment of it.The last time that I have done anything similar was in year 6. I’ve found more confidence, I thought I would never have been able to get up on stage and perform in front of people and now I know that I can. I didn’t know the story before hand.

(The style) It’s amazing how it all fits, it all just amazing, I can’t think of another way to explain it.Yes i would get involved again, 100 %.  Thank you for giving me this opportunity to be in it.’
Rob (18) New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth participant 

‘Absolutely fantastically physical, exhausting, fast paced, dynamic, everything, it’s really fascinating. And wonderful. I have never done anything before that incorporates the physical, nothing quite as exciting. I like doing the dances, being involved in the crowd scene, and I like actually watching you people dance because you are so phenomenal, so physically perfect.

I knew some Greek myths but I didn’t know this, so it was interesting from that point of view. I love the way it has resonances with today and the situation we have with refugees now, so I thought it was really poignant.

I would recommend it to any young people or even my age group, there were people in my NTR players who I think would have liked to have done this. I think people get put off by Greek tragedy, and words they don’t understand, but actually this would have been really good for some of the other players.’
Estelle (55-65) New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth participant 

‘It’s taught me more about physical theatre which is really useful for my a-levels.I think it is really important, especially the situation in America where the nation is divided, and I think so many people can relate to it. And that is the most important thing about this play, that people will relate to it. I thought it was a Greek play, but now I know it is a Roman play.

I really liked the mixture of dance and drama because dance itself is a piece of drama, and dance doesn’t have to have words, its about how the audience connects with it and it’s really important to have dance and drama combined together.’
Tyrone (18) New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth participant 

‘I’ve already marked out a bit that I’m going to cheekily steal for my a-level.

Members of my family, not my immediate family but my cousins my age had a very different opinion on Brexit, and like she’s not a Racist, but I felt she was kind of being brainwashed with these weird facts and when I was saying to her that was not even right, she just didn’t want to listen, so I feel like this is definitely relevant.

Telling a story through movement is so much more interesting to watch.

Thanks for letting us join in!
Lark (18) New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth participant 

 Twitter inc.:

Rosie Ward: ‘Really enjoyed @NMTAutomatics performance of Dido & Aeneas: Remixed @GreenwichTheatr. Physically stunning & beautiful storytelling!’

Steve Nealon Associates: ‘Loved Dido and Aeneas at Greenwich Theatre yesterday. Fab production and SNA’s John Slade wonderful @NMTAutomatics’

Sheri Sadd: ‘Congrats Noah, Jennie & Team ‪@NMTAutomatics on a V.Imaginative show,dynamic choreography & soundscape were my fav elements. Highly recommend’

Ian Noble: Saw this tonight.wow! Fantastic combination of movement, choreography design and fantastic storytelling.highly recommended’

Riverhead Theatre handwritten participant feedback:




‘Amazing choreography, ingeniously creative and visually powerful.

What was most surprising for me was how refreshing the show was. I’m not familiar with theatre-dance as a medium, but the experimental style of the show had me captivated. It managed to convey what words could not: the different experiences of loss, xenophobia and love (duh.)

I have to commend NMT Automatics’ decision to include participants from workshops in the show. This risky decision paid off as the participants which made up the Greek Chorus were just as professional as the company of actors.  Yet it was the actors and the choreography which made my jaw drop. Watching the talented performers carry out intensive and elaborate routines so seamlessly made my muscles ache! I can’t even begin to imagine the amount of rehearsal it took to execute each sequence with such poise, chemistry and synchronicity. Truly it was something extraordinary.’
Everything Theatre review, Francessca Charlemagne 

Article in @wow247Portsmth:

‘Therefore, this season there is an opportunity for theatre lovers of any age to join a professional production of Dido & Aeneas. The show is being presented by a company called No Mans Time Automatics, who have just been awarded funding from both Arts Council England and Royal Greenwich. It is based on Purcell’s opera but mixes it with contemporary music, dance and drama, and the professional cast will be joined by a community chorus. For this show, there will be two free workshops in October to learn the ensemble sequences from the show, and then two opportunities to perform on our main stage with the company.’
James Haddrell, Article in The Mercury Newspaper and South London Press website 

Dido & Aeneas: Remixed Contemporary Music Tracks:

All composed by David Hermann


Building Carthage

The Hunt


Photos taken by Matt Martin Photography

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Redbridge Central Library, Ilford


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