Our next performance will be Myths of an Island: Aeneas in Sicily -taken from our 2016 production Dido & Aeneas: Remixed and will be performed at the Royal Borough of Greenwich’s Tall Ships Festival 2017 on Sunday April the 16th on the main stage by the Cutty Sark at 11.30am, 1.30pm and 3.45pm.

Myths of an Island: Aeneas in Sicily

Myths of an Island: Aeneas in Sicily, a short performance – taken from our 2016 production Dido & Aeneas: Remixed will be performed at the Royal Borough of Greenwich’s Tall Ships Festival 2017 on Sunday April the 16th on the main stage by the Cutty Sark at 11.30am, 1.30pm and 3.45pm.
It is adapted from Virgil’s The Aeneid and is a unique mixture of Purcell’s original music with a new electrical, beat driven soundscape; text, corporeal theatre and urban/lyrical dance.
In July 2016 we were selected to perform this off-shoot extract, in front of the glorious Nereid Monument, at The British Museum as part of a free ‘Late’ event, Sicilian Splendour, that tied in with their main exhibition Sicily: Culture and Conquest. 
Aeneas in Sicily is an exciting, physical delve into the legends of Scylla and Charybdis – the monster and whirlpool – who notoriously plagued ancient sailors, and a vibrant re-telling of the famous Cyclops episode, as immortalised in The Odyssey. It is told through the eyes of Aeneas, with the Carthaginian Queen Dido listening on and offering her help and admiration to a man she acknowledges as both a hero and a refugee.
It is performed by two actors, Noah Young and Genevieve Dunne, and lasts approximately 30 minutes.
Dates of performance:
The British Museum
Myths of an Island: Aeneas in Sicily
Extract performance (30mins)
22nd July 22nd 2016
Redbridge Central Library, Ilford
Myths of an Island: Aeneas in Sicily
Extract performance (30mins) & ‘Greek Chorus’ workshop (40mins)
24th October (3pm – 4.15pm)
Tall Ships Festival 2017, Greenwich Cutty Sark
Myths of an Island: Aeneas in Sicily
Extract performances: April  16th 2017 11.30am, 1.30pm, 1.45pm

**FREE Workshop and performance opportunity this Saturday near Canterbury!**

**FREE Workshop and performance opportunity!**

NMT Automatics are bringing Dido & Aeneas: Remixed to Charlton Park, Canterbury on Saturday the 12th of November at 8pm.

A play, adapted from Virgil’s The Aeneid mixing Purcell’s opera with a new sampled, beat driven soundscape; text, drama and urban/lyrical dance and combining professional actors with a ‘Greek Chorus’ of community participants.

As such, this Saturday (11am onwards) NMT Automatics needs you!

We will be offering local young people and community members the FREE opportunity to join the team, to learn the art of the ‘Greek Chorus’ and perform alongside the cast in the performance on the 12th!

Check out the Research and development trailer, including interviews with
Redbridge Youth Theatre Workshop members who were involved, to get a taste of what you’ll be joining in with: https://vimeo.com/146543873

This opportunity is free for participants and is open to anyone 13 +!

An epic tale of a people torn from their land by war, searching for a new home, whilst struggling against a climate of prejudice and fear: a tragedy that is sadly still relevant today. NMT Automatics bring this classic to a contemporary audience in an engaging & accessible way.

Can love conquer all? Can a vulnerable nation overcome ‘fear of the other’?
Contact nmtautomatics@outlook.com for further info.

In association with Greenwich Theatre and Redbridge Drama Centre, and supported by Arts Council England, the Royal Borough of Greenwich, The Classical Association, and Old Vic New Voices.


Meet the two hugely talented actors who join us for Dido & Aeneas: Remixed

Natalia Rose is a UK Hip Hop Championship Winner. She has recently appeared in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Musical Jesus Christ Superstar.



John Slade has just returned from a successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where he played The Player in Blunt Pyramid’s modern interpretation of Stoppard’s Rozencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead.